Here’s a list of services I can provide:

Sermon analysis and coaching

I will view, listen, or read your sermons and offer helpful feedback on content, organization and delivery.  For best results, I recommend an analysis of at least four sermons.  I will provide written feedback and schedule conversations for further discussion.  I am willing to visit your church and hear you personally if you wish.

Pulpit Supply and Interim ministry

Every pastor needs a break, and I am available to fill in for you as needed.  I’m also available to serve as an interim or transitional minister.

Congregational Consultation

Sometimes pastors and congregations need a fresh set of eyes and ears to help them work through issues that drain them or divert their focus from their future and their mission.  I am available to serve pastors and congregations to clarify what’s really going on and to find creative solutions.

Professional Coaching

At this time, I have been accepted and will enroll in a university-based coaching program in 2018.  This program has been certified by the International Coaching Federation, and at some point in my training, I will be seeking clients in order to accumulate hours.  I look forward to acquiring and expanding this skill set.  If you’d like to inquire about being one of my “test” clients, please contact me using the contact button on the home page.


After an initial conversation, you may decide that I can indeed be of help to you.  Or, you may determine that someone else might serve your needs better.  Regardless of your decision, I promise that I will pray for you and the matters you entrusted to me.  I will keep in touch in order to see how I might better frame my prayers on your behalf.

With the exception of prayer, my standard fee is $150 per hour.  I am, however, willing to negotiate my fee.  If we arrange for something other than the standard fee, I will invoice you for my services.

Services rendered

Preaching analysis, consultation, and coaching.


depending on the units of services provided.






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